Free The Wizard
"Stop Looking for the Magic Bullet" There is No Holy Grail . .YOU'VE BEEN PLAYED!!!!!!!!!  
I Crawled out of my cave along time ago. It cost me a lot of money & time to figure out I'd been PLAYED  SO HAVE YOU !!  Come on YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT!!  All of US have been told by too many that we aren't smart enough, rich enough , pretty enough, good enough etc.  Here's a question , If 68% or more of the wealth in the US is controlled by women , DO THEY KNOW IT &  WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH IT????Here's another question, Why are so many GURU'S Management or Spiritual MEN??  Why are so few WOMEN  CEO'S  of major corporations??? Last question . IF MOST PEOPLE UNDERSTAND SOMETHING ABOUT THE NATURE OF OUR CONSCIOUS /AWARENESS,  ARE  YOU HAPPY   WITH YOUR LIFE???? CONSCIOUSNESS is Neither MALE or FEMALE . IT JUST IS !!!                                                                            I Know all about SMOKE & MIRRORS  &  BLAH BLAHS !!   I worked in the Financial & Psychological  Industries . That sort of sums it up!!!   Are you successful in some areas of your life but can't seem to  get it all together .  DON'T WASTE ANOTHER DIME or any more time TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT!!   STOP !!!!!!!   Mike Dooley wrote the books , I 'll show you how to LIVE IT!!!  Once you realize it was ALL THERE ALL ALONG , YOU'LL FINALLY BE FREE OF ALL THE  BS .    YOU KNOW  There 's  NO HOLY  GRAIL , or    MAGIC BULLET in LIFE .  Stop Looking for IT !!                                                                                                 
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